Professor Anne MacGregor


Keep a diary


Why keep a diary?

Headache diaries are an invaluable aid to diagnosis, identifying triggers, and assessing the effectiveness of treatments. If you are not already keeping a diary, please start one as soon as possible and bring this with you to the appointment. It is very important to record ALL medication taken.

Paper diary

Click on the bold text to download a pdf diary.

The monthly diary is useful to record specific information about each attack. There is a Monthly diary for men and a Monthly diary for women, which includes space to record periods or contraception.

The annual Menstrual diary helps to identify patterns and any relationship with hormonal events. It is easy to complete by putting an X or / in the relevant box for each day you have a migraine or headache. Any bleeding or spotting can be noted by O or o respectively.

Electronic diary

If you use a smart phone you can use N1-Headache. In addition to tracking your headache and migraine, it can help to identify triggers and early warning symptoms.  If you are a current or pending patient please contact me directly for a code to gain free Premium access.